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Typical periodic error and autoguiding result
with the F60a mount (F=1200mm)

Axis instruments - overview of the F60a mount supporting the 300mm Newton-Cassegrain scope

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Axis instruments company provides you a full range of high quality astronomical instruments,  developed by a demanding and experienced astrophotographer, with valuable inputs coming from numerous well-known astronomers. These equipments offer a great combination of performance, versatility and value coming from a long field experience.

They include :

• Optical tubes :  Newton, Newton-Cassegrain, Cassegrain and Ritchey-Chretien (depending on diameters) within 8 to 22 inches diameters. These scopes include high quality and precise CNC machined mechanical parts (carbon fiber tubes) , allowing to get the best from their optics due to a very stable collimation. Mechanical parts are also available separately for you own optical tube construction (including requested modifications if needed)

• German precision mounts (load :  15 to 75 kg).

• Various accessories (standalone autoguiding camera, optical dividers, motorized focusing, Crayford focusers, imaging adapters for webcam, CCD and digital cameras, piers, tripods, mechanical parts on request, ...)

• "On request"realizations or adaptations for mechanical or electronic parts (mounting parts for any optical tube on any mount, design and machining of any specific mechanical parts, adaptations for various existing equipments, ...)

We will be happy to assist you in the best choice for your new equipment.

If you are interested by our new products, or have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us !

Contact : info@axisinstruments.com
(Emmanuel Mallart)